About Nikkei Voice

Founded in 1987 as a vehicle to inform the Nikkei (people of Japanese descent) of the then burgeoning Japanese-Canadian redress movement, Nikkei Voice is a national Japanese-Canadian newspaper that has evolved into an important medium for Japanese Canadian expression and communication. It is published 10 times a year in Toronto by the Board of Directors of Nikkei Research and Education Project of Ontario, and operates as a non-profit organization. Issues are released in 16-page monthly instalments (20 pages in the summer and winter double issues). 

Board of Directors

Scott Kawaguchi (Chair), Marty Kobayashi, Ann Ashley, Elizabeth Fujita, James Heron, Matthew O’Mara, and Dr. Ailin Oishi-Stamatiou.


Kelly Fleck, Managing Editor

Kelley Tsumura-Luk, Business Manager


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